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Just For Heart Based Practitioners:

From: Robert Chan
Hong Kong, PRC

Dear Heart Based Practitioner,

I've spoken with many heart based practitioners and saw one main thing! Most are struggling to get clients. This is a huge problem, the world needs more heart based business owners to step up and share your gifts.

Imagine what the world would be like, if every practitionerhow to get customers doubled the size of their business. That would mean the healing, empowerment in the world, would double.

The reason most heart based business owners are struggling, is not because they don’t have a gift to offer. It's because the problem is advertising doesn’t work anymore.

Creating a beautiful business card, beautiful flyers, brochures or website are nice things to do. Are not going to fill your business: advertising in newspapers, magazines, hanging flyers around message boards, etc...

These may get a couple of clients but they no longer work to get lots of clients to fill your practice.

Why is that?

Because their’s lots, & lots heart based practitioners out there.

Someone that’s looking for your healing modality, they probably already know several people who can help them. If they don’t know people. Who can refer them to people who can help them?

Because empowering people & supporting people with healing is such an intimate relationship to have with someone. Most people would rather work with someone they already know, and trust. Or they rather get a referral from someone they completely trust. Then work with a complete stranger.

While advertising is one way of getting known, if you rely on it, your actually fighting a loosing battle. The most win-win way to getting the word out is simply "open your mouth and start talking with people" great news it doesn’t cost you anything.

Don't worry,  I'm not suggesting you to do any cold calling or anything like that, and that I would recommend that you start by having conversations with your potential clients. Actually rather than having you trying to go out there and get potential clients.

I want to actually show you how to have them approach you, and ask to work more with you.

The key is to become masterful. Having conversations with people, support them, inspire them, and compel them to take the next steps with you. Once you become a master for these types of conversations. You’ll be successful in what ever you choose to do in life and you’ll be able to attract as many clients as you like into your business.

In this complimentary online training; your going to have everything you need to know to how to make these conversations, which we call heart-felt selling conversations as effective as possible. When you practice heart-felt-selling, your selling conversations will actually be healing conversations rather than talking people into your services.

If you’re ready to discover what’s holding you back from attracting as many high-end clients as you want, then I invite you to join me on this complimentary online training where you’ll get:

√ Clear about what’s been holding you back from being a Client Magnet;

√ Crystal clear about how many clients you want in your practice and what you want to charge;

3 powerful strategies to get you closer to a full practice with wonderful clients you love, who are happy to pay you handsomely for your work;

√ You’ll learn to distinguish your self from pushy, obnoxious, sales people. By turning your selling conversations into conversations that serve your potential clients deeply;

“Yes, YOU CAN fill your schedule with clients you LOVE, who are happy to pay your full rates and who will be grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

how to get more customers

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Discover The Heart Based Method To Attract and Get Better Customers And Doubling Your Revenue Without Selling...

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